Brexit: Economic Uncertainty or Seasonality

Brexit economic uncertainty or seasonality? Why the restaurant sector is seeing a decline

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Why is the restaurant sector seeing a decline?

Economic uncertainty following Brexit and Trump has reduced the disposable incomes of many, increasing the preference of “dining in” as opposed to “dining out”.

  • Restaurants: like-for-like sales -0.6%
  • Pubs: like-for-like sales -1.2%
  • YOY sales: -1.0%
  • Intent to go out: -2.93%
  • Political impact on decision to go out: +50%

Market data:

  • Managed pub and restaurant groups saw sales slip in October, with collective like-for-like sales down 1.0% on the same month last year, according to latest monthly figures from the Coffer Peach Business Tracker.
  • London saw the biggest fall, with like-for-likes 2.5% down in October 2015.Outside the M25, like-for-likes fell just 0.5%.

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